About Us

G&A Adhesives Limited:

As G&A Sales Limited, G&A's first involvement in the adhesive industry was in the early ninety's, developing quickly with distribution facilities in both Christchurch and Auckland.

Significant changes in the industry with rationalization and retrenchment from New Zealand of key international manufacturers resulted in a narrower range of products becoming available to industrial users.

Identifying the opportunity to meet the specialty adhesive requirements of a wide range of industry and other users, to stabilize pricing and to keep New Zealand abreast of the latest technologies within the international industry resulted in the incorporation of G&A Adhesives Limited in 2009.

G&A Adhesives has established its own manufacturing plant together with its own laboratory and extensive testing equipment. G&A Adhesives employs very highly qualified and able chemists who oversees our own formulated, comprehensive and unique range of G&A products that are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances. Focus on quality is a key aspect of G&A Adhesives manufacturing.

To ensure that the company may meet the extensive and specialist needs of its varied customers G&A Adhesives Limited supplements its own range of manufactured products by sourcing product both locally and from around the world.

G&A Adhesives supply its its own manufactured products in small to large pails, Drums and, to meet the needs of the larger users, in one tonne tanks.


G&A Adhesives sales and technical staff combined boast well over a century of involvement in the adhesive industry. Individually and collectively they thrive on being challenged with the most complex of tasks and getting it right for you.

Other key elements of G&A Adhesives service to you:

Experienced staff with whom you can discuss your adhesive needs.

Freight to your door.

In order to meet industry requirements promptly a key objective is to hold most stock lines on the shelf (You can help us achieve this objective by placing your orders ahead of your next requirement)


Please read “About The Website” section  to help you navigate the site and make the best use of it. This is stage 1 of developing the website. We will continue to upgrade and develop this website in order to meet the constantly changing requirements of all our customers. We already have scheduled further development that will include a rewards program, a comprehensive product selector and a how to do video section. Should you have any ideas that you believe will improve the website and make it more helpful to your needs and that of others, please share them with us.


In late 2018, G+A Adhesives were bought by RLA Polymers NZ Ltd. Please check their website www.rlapolymers.co.nz